About Us

The entire team at Professionstar comprises like-minded people with a very high emotional quotient. We are driven by empathy and compassion that has given a whole new dimension to our core offering of money as a service.

Our primary focus when we started in 2017 was debt servicing. Once done, we chose to further value add by syndicating funds for further financial upliftment, enhancing careers with further education, smoothening their lifestyles and helping them thrive as netizens.

We operate out of 103, Chancellor Ave, B16, Newark, NJ-07112.

Team Members

Miss Nakia Baskerville


I am Skilled in Business Administration. I am fascinated by the life stories of people. What makes people tick, what drives them, what worries them and what motivates them. I believe that every individual is a necessary component of the larger picture called Life. It is up to us if we will become a force for good or not. I believe that an individual who is passionate and determined to make a change can definitely become a powerful force for good in this world.

One of my favourite quotes is “ It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” This quotes summarise my desire to make the world a better place, in any way that I can & That’s why Professionstar …